Well I’m here at the old changi,the chang, the chang-bo wo-wo… waiting for the connector out the hell of here. Am a bit tired and feeling a bit skanky from being in the same clothes for too long, but the seat I got from Melb to here was freakin’ excellent. It helped tha the plane wasn’t full — there was lots of empty seats around me, plus legroom like crazy. I think my person at the phone check ins did me an extra special effort. I fell in love with the flight attendant, but the after deplaning I fell out again, and now due to sleep deprivation I can’t even remember what she looked like.

There are definite advantages to leaving late at night — it was a super smooth run out to the airport, and we lucked out by parking right in front of the ‘Tigerz Air’ check in desk.’  

Big thanks to the chang-wola airport and its people for letting me use the free-internet and for not mistaking my promite for drugs and stringing me up for it.