Y’know I was down at ray’s tent city the other day and saw this Hyundai Getz (RACV Australia’s best small car!) which they’d decided was only good enough to be turned into an aquarium. Yes, look closer, that’s a fish in there. I’m sure those nazis in Ulsan would be tickled pink by all this.


“O God, Thou art everywhere all the time, in the dew of the morning, in the frost of the evening, in the field and the town, in the preacher and the sinner, in the sparrow and the big buzzard. Thou canst see everything, right down deep in our hearts; Thou canst see us when the sun is gone; Thou canst see us when there aren’t any stars, in the gravy blackness, in the deep, deep, deep, deep pit; Thou canst see and spy and watch us all the time, in the little black corners, in the big cowboys’ praries, under the blankets when we’re snoring fast, in the terrible shadows; pitch black, pitch black; Thou canst see everything we do, in the night and day, in the day and the night, everything, everything; Thou canst see all the time. O God, mun, you’re like a bloody cat.”

– Dylan Thomas, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog