chickens: regular

I’m on a mini-holiday with my mother and sister in spa country, Daylesford. Like the Barrossa, this is another place I don’t think I’ve ever been to in the middle of summer and for whatever reason seems to be more suited to winter. Nice to be here nonetheless. Not too crowded– nothing seems too crowded anymore.

I’ve been so far away from the internet lately. Even now I’m just batting this in from a usb key after being tapped in while sitting in a woodsy shack. It’s the type of time when the whole thing (thing meaning blog) could change direction without me really knowing it.
I don’t really know what to say.

I am enjoying:
the unabashed sunshine,
the wind,
bright blue skies,
cycling (I think I already mentioned this, but it’s thing no. 1)
the kooky and obvious working class (esp. corio village)
having vigourous conversations with salespeople
a wide selection of dvds (it sounds minor, I know, and it is. But I saw Eraserhead the other night for the first time in 15 years and plan to watch Revenge of the Nerds later this week.
bargain bin cds — like a double compilation album of Hot Chocolate for $11
particular supermarket products like deodorant(!), pre-ground Italian style coffee, superwhite toothpaste,
walking across the plains again

I miss:
being gawked at (I am invisible here, I knew I would be. It’s not that bad, but I’d prefer the alternative)
and following on – my 900+ fans
some foods, like tuna-kimbap
cheap and convenient public transport
cheap and convenient most things. Fruit is better here. Milk is cheaper. It’s wall to wall Farmer’s Union iced coffee in South Australia
the challenge and newness of stuff back in korea. I’ve been there for eleven months but have barely scratched the surface of figuring it out. I realise now that I am enjoying learning another language. Conversely convexly I know I’m not going to miss stupid tv when I go back.
And last and most of all I miss my special friend, miss jj