the Hollywood smile

There are several things I’ve neglected to mention to anyone.

– when I was in grade 3 or one we had this thing called ‘colour week’ where each of the five weekdays was designated a colour. Everybody had to dress up as best they could in the colour of the day. Various activities were held with appropriate theming, like maybe letting go hundreds of orange balloons on orange day.
I vaguely remember on green or yellow how many kids there were dressed in that way, and the various shades of whichever one it was. Green I think. The day was overcast. On the blue day we ate blue food and drank lemonade that had blue food colouring in it. That blew my mind.

– This is all down in the deep south west of the state; the ancient times. I don’t remember how old I was. Maybe 6. We would have the indoor parts of PE lessons in an old wooden regulation classroom. The kind that had the top half of one side all windows. It was around 2:30 in afternoon. I was sitting on the wooden floor like all the other kids, but gazing up out the window in front of me.
The sky was blue and cumulonimbus were floating by like popcorn without bits of shell. In the foreground was a line of tall gum trees. The formation of one cloud floating from left to right came to a point behind a gum where, to me, the two shapes seemed to match up perfectly.
This brief eclipse of two shapes happened in exactly the same way the next afternoon also.

– One day they made some kids cook sausages for lunch using only solar power. Shoeboxes lined with silver foil, a skewer through a snag that barely browned in the whole lunchtime — and some hungry kids.