And so what better way to (re)connect with your lands than taking an cross country journey? Tone already touched upon that recently. And to keep it interesting, I did it with three koreans. We hired a rental car and headed for the Great Ocean Road and Highway 1 to Adelaide. They all rotated driving, and I got all the navigation, nail-biting, dashboard gripping and “Left left LEFT!” to myself.

It’s lucky that my work collegue and hanguk-oh teacher, BYA is so pious because according to the natural laws of odds in nature, we should’ve ended up as paste on the front of a semi.
The whole thing was one non-stop foto shoot.
Every place we’d go into they’d always talk loudly and chaotically in korean. It was funny, some of the looks from the locals – especially in the redneck-filled pizza joint in Portland at 11pm. I thought we was gonna get bashed. I guess that no one minds if foreigners talk loudly in english over there, so why would the opposite be any different here? – is what my travelling companions thought.

In Lorne I treated them to fish n’ chips, or would have if they were into fried fish. I neglected to tell them they were missing out on eating shark. They weren’t much into eating chips either – and stayed with this moderately-sized meal mentality the whole time. I got to eat a lot of chips so they got this running joke on me and chips. “What will Yukky eat? Chiieepp”. Chips are important, damnit.
In Adelaide, they wanted to eat ‘real australian food’. I looked around but all I could see was Red Rooster, so that it was.

Yesterday (friday) was the hottest day in adelaide in 66 years. It was still nicer than infernal humid east asian summer.
The winner for most uncomfortable went to: 4 people sleeping in a late model Camry overnight, with the runner-up prize awarded to Greyhound; an overnight night contortion to Melbourne. The first situation was at Mt.Gambier, and I suggested we park it by the blue lake because at least in the morning we’d be treated to the awesomness of its colour, but the darn thing doesn’t blue up until the sun gets overhead. I also managed to not show them kangaroos.
I’m a pretty ratshit tourguide, but then, I’d never done that kind of thing before and I didn’t realise I had to take on that kind of stuff until we got going.

You should’ve seen the car when we abandoned it on Friday afternoon at the airport. The beatness of all the bug guts over the front of the thing was accompanied by one football-shaped indentation in the left corner of the bumper.

Maybe there’s something to be said for ‘take a pictuur’ nonstop, because a few of these raided from BYA’s collection came out good.

I was down to 6hrs sleep in 48 at this point