your dad is the alien

I put seti@home on the computer again. Several times in the past I’ve run the distributed computng screensaver then got bored with it and dumped it. This time I’m determined that my computer will be the one to discover irrefutable proof of the existence of ETs with classic gold FM radio stations.

I’m busy trying to get motivated to pack. Going back seems so much like unwinding, like I could do it sleep-walking. I will get back to Melbourne and have woken up. Here is a list of what I am going to eat:
tomato pesto pasta
fish n chips (incl. potato cakes)
Bickford’s cordigal with carbonated mineral water.
home made pizzas with all the weird shit like chickpeas
whatever the go is at NQR
fetta cheese
brie cheese
lots of cheese
golden delicious apple (I’ll be happy if I don’t here the word ‘delicious’ uttered aloud once this whole coming month).
Fuji apples
sun dried tomato
brown bread
hummus, spicy capsicum, tzitki and loads of other dips