being green

The lunch at the cafeteria can vary from occasionally being really excellent to mostly being okay down to very occasionally being terrible and today was the third kind. I don’t understand the thought processes that are integral to the ‘discovery’ of sausage, but it’s kind of interesting how it’s worldwide.
Alright, I am writing on the internet, so I have no excuse not to check and apparently “for as long as there has been Man, there has been sausage“.

I still don’t know why anyone would want to eat piggy intestines, which is what korean trad. sausage is all about. There was some of that in soup at lunch. I’m not that picky – I was eating the soup but leaving the sausage. There was some nice chunks of pork in there too. But also there was something odd-shaped, dark meat-looking thing. I shoved it in and immediately regretted it. In fact thinking about it still makes me want to gag. In summary, I ate some animals vital organ today. The second most disgusting thing this year.

organ donor