That not-so wonderful korean trait of not-telling you stuff have popped up a couple of times in the last weeks. First, I was informed about something we’ll call phenomena week, which is a week of work, ‘teaching’ a third of the way thru february – almost the middle of a 2 month break. Phenomena, because I don’t know what the hell it’s doing there. It screwed up some plans I had to have some paid-for fun, in the form of a winter camp. I’m over it now.

But today I found out that I may not have a job at the joint next year — depending on a freakin evaluation survey given out to the students. It asks whether or not they think it’s worthwhile learning spoken English – and whether or not they want me to keep teaching, or would they prefer someone else. If I had know about this I might’ve plied them with lollies (candy) a little more. And all of a sudden I feel like a politician running for re-election. One of the officials leaked some early results, which were meh – which isn’t good, but it was from a tough class — those girls are like ice. The kind of class that needs a mild electric current running through the seats to liven shit up. A high proportion of poindexters. Hollywood teaches, what hollywood teaches us is that while male nerds are inexcusable and should be beaten to a pulp when possible, girl nerds need only take off their glasses and let down their hair to become ‘hot’. The nerds in this ice class are even beyond that. I can’t help but feel a bit resentful. About their feedback, that is.

On sunday I went and did yoga for the first time ever. It was bikram yoga too, which means it’s done in a room that’s at 40degs Celcius. Hardcore! For an hour and a half. It was one of those self-made comedy situations. Standing in front of a mirrored wall trying to hit these impossible poses and barely getting halfway, warbling about, losing balance and falling over — while in the row behind me there’s these three young women, I was watching, with dead-pan expressions, stony balance, who were bending themselves in ways that were similtaneously obscene and divine.
It costs a lot to go regularly. I got in on a freebie with a friend.

This friend (a furriner) was telling me about the research work she is doing on starvation in North Korea. She had been talking to a N.Korean that morning about conditions there. It sounds fucking horrendous. So few people here actually know what’s going on up there. Young people especially have this warped attitude of neutrality towards the dictatorship there. There’s nothing about the torture, persecution or living conditions of N.Korea in the media here. It’s one of those things that makes me realise how seperated countries can be when I see how information on a specific topic is controlled by one state but (relatively) freely available in another.
By that I mean – there was a doco I saw about N.Korea back in australia, on SBS, that really should be shown here – but probably never will be.