ur a delicate snowflake

answers come in dreams

It was the first snow of the season tonight. I was the last one on the bus and the driver made me sit in the kamakaze seat — the one in the front steps that folds down. Pretty good fun but. watching all those little corn flake-like snow flakes coming at the windscreen – especially good listening to b(if)tek. I was making a phone call and he shooshed me.

Sometimes I just don’t get music stores here. I was in a large bookstore that has a cd section, y’know, wandering around, killing time, feeling mildly dismayed at their absolute lack of Hot Chocolate. And got to thinking that while it’s good that music is a bit cheaper here, there’s no bargain basement stuff either. There’ no one turning up their nose at stuff so nothing, including Hootie and the Blowfish, is discounted. You know what bugs me? when I see ‘no one’ written as ‘noone’. Noone is a surname and nothing more.

So anyway, I was listlessly looking through the ‘world’ section thinking that maybe that’s where they put Ry Cooder – I mean, Los Angeles – that’s in the World, right? and I wanted to see a picture of some car tail fins. And while there is no Happy Mondays, no Hot Chocolate, and no David Bowie cheaper that 26AUD$ — they *did* have Senor Coconut (and his orchestra)’s Fiesta Songs for fifteen bucks. Wonders never cease to amaze.

Here is was Smooth Operator (I only host .mp3s for temporary timings – YS, 20/2/06) – a cover of the Sade song, from the (you guessed it) 80s. And you can purchase the whole album from amajon here