welcome to side two part two edit post

A dinner for work. A buffet. There’s nothing like slabs of sushi and chips on the same plate. Thankfully I didn’t get stuck sitting next to the crazy math teacher who once made fun of my pronounciation of ‘hyundai’ then went on to ask me, “Do you know live fishy?” – meaning sushi. Well, in her favour it is a lot closer to live than most fish I come across.

The entire table tennis team barrelled in halfway through and also ate. Have I mentioned how facinated I am by them? So androgenous with the bulky black parkas, bowl hair cuts – and I bet the coach gives them suppliments to inhibit breast growth. Did I already write about how I am going to write a screenplay about a soft lesbian-love story between a table tennis player and a normal girl?

I deleted all the crud off of the sunnybreaks web space and put this wacking new prefab theme on. Once again thanks to the omnipotent, omniscient support staff at Host Central, because I don’t know how to do something as straight forward as remove a database file and reapply it.

Okay, inspired by this photo of Cybbis, I’m off to the vid store to get a james bond movie. Moonraker, if they have it.