dj emphysema

Went to the Hongdae club day (night) with my friend last night. Was a lot of fun. Haven’t been out dancing in some time, same with staying out all night. The crowds were pretty groovy. Plenty of whiteys too. Bumped into a couple of sleazy, esteemed collegues. There was some sort of official photographer in each joint which would’ve registered on my paranoia-bone, if I was that kind of person. I know someone in the biz, so the tickets were for free–bonus.
One place was playing straightout techno which was funny to hear — there’s that one original strand of sound that comes under that big label that hasn’t changed at all — very 1997.

I lost my wallet on the way home. Spent most of the morning receiving help from others at getting all the nastiness sorted out. Thankyou, others; it’s a humbling experience. Especially after having sustained spaz-attacks this week at my workplace over how my February plans have to be rearranged.
I was actually optimistic that I might get the wallet back, since I was pretty sure where it fell out of my pocket (at the east seoul bus station) and if a wallet with 120,000 dollars in it is going to be handed in – in any country, it’s this one. Alas, it wasn’t.

I guess the wallet caught wind that after 17 years of being in my service it was going to get turfed at christmas, and in despair did away with itself. Which is funny because I only ever emailed that – not said it aloud and the wallet was in the cupboard at the time.