looking for mr. potato

* I tooled on over to Osan today. Someone once remarked that the downtown of every city in this country looks the same, and I tend to agree. But two things that were different here are — American muscle; brash and visceral. That is, there’s an airforce base. And these dudes ->

And yes, they were both dudes. They get around a bit too — I saw them a few weeks back when returning from the zen center. They generally make a bit of a hullaballo and be unusual in a good way.

I went to Osan because I’d been told there is a musical instrument store there called Mr. Potato. After having lunch I decided to not go to the store because I would surely end up buying a guitar, and while they are cheaper here, I’m really supposed to be saving.

* The proliferation of musical instruments here is extremely low. Especially when it comes to brass. I understand that these things aren’t cheap, but there’s heaps of people that play the piano.

* The band from the highschool played for a fanksgibbing thing last week.

* I always get excited when I see girls with guitars and they had this whole standing-dead-still and strumming-in-unison thing down pat. Kind of very Nirvana In Bloom video clip. They’re called the Good News Band too, more delicious irony. Needs more effects pedals.

* Here’s my favourite song at the moment. Aretha Franklin’s one step ahead [2.3Mb].

* Although I’m really into 80s stuff presently too. Can’t help it – everywhere I go I hear 80s. If you go back and have a listen to ‘The Reflex’ by Duran Duran, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that within the commercial sphere there is no other track that even comes close to being as distressingly discordant. It’ll make you car-sick. It’s all over the place. Is that what happens when you have much too much coke?

* I’m a bit bummed out that these online music stores like the apple thing and napster are only available in america. If you’re in the US, go to the napster site, do their 7 day trial and go beserky-malerky d/loading trax.