take me to your leader

It felt like it had been a long night and although the sun was distant it shone golden in reflections across the high-rises.
After this many hours I still didn’t know how I felt about her now.
I purposefully hadn’t touched her. From experience I knew that even touch a single finger to a hand and my thoughts would flow out of it, mix with hers, eddy and backwash into me again. I wouldn’t know what I was thinking.

I was getting ready to leave. Had dressed and met her in the hallway.
I saw now that her hair was much shorter and she was wearing glasses. Silver retangular frames, not at all what you’d expect. As I looked slowly down from there I thought to myself that all she needed was to be wearing a grey v-neck school jumper and she would be a boy. She was and she was. A ten year old boy. I now realised things were okay and I put my hands on her shoulders, held her at arms length and looked at her.

Indeed, I could now see clearly.