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Well how about this: Sex Matters to Women Who Say It Doesn’t: Study, from the digital chosun ilbo. There are several interesting points in there, but I think this one is worth quoting;

bq. When asked if prostitutes are needed to satisfy men’s sexual needs, 20.4 percent of women and 61 percent of men agreed.

Sixty percent seems pretty high, don’t you think?
You know, if I was a Korean woman thinking about getting married to a Korean man, I think I would ask him if he would go to prostitutes.

* * *

I got Skype working the other night. I had to get a microphone to plug into the laptop – the appearance of which is quite comical. It’s like ‘calling all cars, calling all cars: this is major tom to ground control…’
It’s like 16 bucks for 10 hours back to hoju, which is way better than the phone cards here.

Something I first saw mentioned at stodge inc. is escape pod – and that is a science fiction audio-magazine website.
Each week they read an SF short story and bail it up as a podcast or just as a regular download if you are not among the podded.
I’ve listened to a few so far and it’s really good. It’s nice to *hear* a story once in a while instead of reading it — and great for those weekly intercity bus trips.