He’s a lot of fun, he weighs half a ton, he’ll be your number one

Yesterday I went down to Chungju to check out the ho. It’s about what you’d expect of a large hand-made ho. It soon became clear that this kind of day outing is what young people are not much into — it was all old people and families. It was all koreans too – me n’ a hundred koreans on a little boat. I think when I’ve been to other remote places like Ulchin and I’ve seen nothing but locals I hadn’t become conscious of it, but yesterday I did for some reason.
I did take fotos but none are brilliant. No one there at the boat tour joint spoke english either which is odd for a tourist destination. I bought a ticket but didn’t realise I needed to get one for the return journey. They threw me off when we got to the other end — 50kms from Chungju – where I had to get back to get a bus.

Okay, well I did see a couple of Pakis and a Russian hooker at the bus terminal in the last 15mins before I went home, but towns like that remind me of the phrase ‘rarified environment’ like deep sea divers who live and work kms below the water for months at a time.

But I found coconuts at a supermarket, so it’s not all bad.

Doing an interesting vox pop with the year 8s at the moment. It’s about the future – and the Q. is ‘if you had a robot at home, what would you get it to do?’ and there a couple of little drawings of little metal mickey jobs doing stuff like vacuuming and cooking. So naturally a lot of the answers are cooking and cleaning. But we’ve got plenty of time so I’m urging them to be imaginative.

One set of answers I liked was, dance, watch tv + radio and make chocolate i.e. make the robot dance for me, it would have a tv and radio in it a la teletubbies … and I can only guess what part of the robot the chocolate would come out of.
# fumigate for bed bugs
# turn the light off when I go to sleep … (aww)
# clean my tooth (sic)
There’s also been less funny or fun things like fashion co-ordinator (uh huh, afterall robots have a long history of being great at that) following through to ‘make me exercise so I lose wait’ (I s’pose if it jabbed you with a sharp stick…) and out of three classes in nine, two responses so far of ‘plastic surgery’.

If any of them don’t write an answer at all I make them get up and dance like a robot in front of the rest of the class.