“Hey buddy, are there any more aboretums around here?”

One day this week when I went to work I found that all the other teachers had been replaced by robots. And I don’t mean in any predictably subtle way either — fully fledged kling-klang robots. I surmised that the originals had lost their jobs and since I didn’t want to lose my job I pretended to be a robot. It’s no picnic, so to speak. My neck is sore for all the jerky movements and my throat is even more raw than normal.

The students seem to know but aren’t letting on that the do. I have a sneaking suspicion that they are somehow behind all this. But then how could they not know(?) what with the sounds of hydraulics and gears wirring everytime a teacher enters the room.
But some things are consistent — the PSH robot, my supervisor still hums incessantly.

I am so very looking forward to getting back to australia for hols, so much so that it’s sure to be a huge let down. Oh well.
I think I’m going to move to Poland.


I was looking at the greatest moments of the internet and now remark at the conspicous absence of Zombo.com.