The Saturday Boy / Hey Saturday Sun

There was something of a request for more autumnal images. So here.

Went and hung out at a friend’s pad in ditchy-dong in seoul and watched ‘serial daters’ on the MTV channel. It was just what I needed. There is a walmart near there. Most people despise walmart, but you don’t know what it’s like not being able to get something as simple as a jar of fucking salsa. They had chicken breast fillets there too, I’d been looking everywhere for them.

The other night I dreamt I met the Beastie Boys – or maybe not met – but was at a gig that was really small, like in a classroom and I was in the front row going, “oh so that’s what Mike D looks like. They look different to what I thought”. I got Check Your Head yesterday. And The Brothers Karmazov, because Dostoyevsky is a great writer. Y’know I read crime and punishment when I was fifteen… I think I actually had better concentration then, crazy as it sounds.

I don’t know what my buddy Zellar is going through at the moment, but could really dig this:

bq. There are other things besides monkeying around with words that are necessary, require commitment and discipline and all the cooperative powers of the heart and mind, and that are worth doing precisely because they involve risks whose rewards are a form of salvation and intimate, connected immortality, a lasting connection with living memory.

I hope it’s the same thing I’m dealing with.
8/11/05 – POST-EDIT: Whoops – I meant that to say, “I hope it’s NOT the same thing I’m dealing with.” Whoops.