Persona non grata

I seem to be losing favour around here. And things are getting weirder by the day.

They used to say I looked like nicholas cage. Initially I found this highly amusing. Apparently most foriegners are compared to someone rather unlikely. I wanted to complain that I looked much more like Bruce Willis, but whatever – at least cage did Wild at Heart.
The local speech contest went down yesterday. My kid lost – or that is came equal third among three – in a field of 13. Personally I think we was robbed because the ‘winner’ was pronouncing ‘th’s as ‘d’s — but what are ya gonna do. If the management had taken my suggestion and used a year 7 instead of a year 8 we may well have fared much better.
I tried psychological tactics against the likely stronger competition – some kid from a school that has the word ‘bong’ in its name. But the strongest words I know only translate to ‘fool’ — and in my opinion the term fool and space cadet are completely different.

Anyway, now I’m being compared to some nazi I never heard of called Donitz. He can’t have been a very good nazi because he hasn’t been in any doco I’ve seen.

* * * *

Perhaps in an effort to cut down on bills, this place has it’s own nurse in what I would normally call a sick bay. She’s an older woman. Nice enough I suppose. I’ve never really spoken to her. Once she asked if I’d had lunch–I had–it was near the end of lunchtime. Another time I had a piece of rubbish in my hand and I was looking for somewhere to dispose of it. There’s no bins around. I popped my head in the door to see if it was okay for me to use that bin – and she seemed to facial express that it was.

A similar thing I was about to do today at lunchtime except that when I opened the door I saw some kid – a student laid out on the bed/table and they were dead-set operating on her. The nurse had a scalpel in her hand and was incising into what I imagine was the abdomen. The student was screaming quietly. I kind of let my jaw drop then quicklystepped back out of there.