elvis never meant shit to me

Do you think it’s possible that the deity that chooses the random songs in iTunes on windows is the same one that is in XMMS in Linux? If it’s the one and same then how come the selections is always crap in iTunes?
Do you think that perhaps the live in the same area? That they know each other? Do you think that the former tries to copy the latter’s acts of randomisation but always comes off as seeming contrived?

There was another day-long song contest at work today. I’m happy to say the beat boxers won it. The 5th element. The rest was just all chicks waggin their booties about in formation, which is all well and good but it’s getting a bit old. Correct me if I’m wrong but michael jackson was doing that 20 years ago in the ‘thriller’ video clip.

I highly recommend having a listen to Boards of Canada’s new album, The Campfire Headphase, whic can be done here.