the thin man

It’s not that I’m having some crisis of writing. Partly, am there’s less room in my head for some reason, partly am going out more or something like that — or the days are getting shorter because of the sun railing south. It gets to 12:30am and I realise I have to sleep if I don’t want strange things to happen the next day. Partly also I can’t access this site at work anymore – I suspect some kind of deviousness on the part of the employer because I can hit other places one IP number up. Additionally – webproxies don’t allow one to interact with a webpage – i.e. no ‘forms’ like the one I’m typing into.

I don’t know how to do webstuff anymore. I can’t even change the typeface on this theme. It’s a modified version of the firefox theme. There. Now let us never speak of it again. I can’t make the links go back into the normal order.

Well partly it’s this: There’s an opportunity going begging for some sociologist type to study and poke at the specimens found on the ‘korean blog list’ – college/university graduate comes to korea to teach english. starts a (blogger) blog whose title wittily puns seoul/soul or mentions kimchi. post pictures of food products with writing on it that is other-than-english. complains.
For the most part I Am One. And dammit Billy I don’t want to be.