do you feel like darth vader?

I had something of a technoligically magic moment last night when, to a friend I said,
“..but maybe I’m a good monster … like Cookie monster”
“who’s that?”
“or Grover”
[a blank look]
Still nothing so I grabbed the old clammy iBook, flopped back down on the couch, fliped up the lid and straight away typed muppets into the search and got pictures of them. Not a single wire on the whole damn thing! (I got a wireless thingy-ma-bob the other week.)

I also had good fortune to witness a wonderful little event – that of a local girl knife n’ forking a piece of pizza with the most awkward hand-holds ever unimaginable. Together with the pensive facial expressions it was almost performance art.

Via Das Register, I think I want this for christmas.

And lastly, here’s a picture of a statue.