woman is the fire

The Heaven is Fire
The Sun its Fuel
The Rays its Smoke
The Day its Flame
The Star its Sparks
Into this fire God offers the oblation of faith
Out of this the divine king Soma (full moon) arises


* * *

I saw the firing of a traditional kiln last night. Just through throwing hardwood kindling into it constantly they get it up to a temp. of 1200 degrees celcius. How did people ever think of the idea of burning a fire that hard simply to get some decent crockery? If I was civilisation, we’d still be eating off nicely curved pieces of bark and drinking out of bull-horns.

To see how the glaze was looking the guy would pull small fragments out of the side and they’d glow red-orange hot for a minute or more.
I drank a whole bunch of green and arcane teas from a small cup whose glaze was coloured from oak ash. I got all razzed up and couldn’t sleep til late.