Some australians came to the sckool today. My joint has a sister sckool relationship with a certain christian college in Brizzy — they do student exchange at the end of the year and so on. Well actually – our girls go there but no one comes here – apart from this today – this teacher guy, his wife and 8 year old boy.
When they walked into the auditorium this morning I hadn’t heard hysterical screaming at that level since — *I* walked in the first time .. and before that – since the Beatles did Ed Sullivan. 1200 screaming 13, 14 and 15 y.o.s. If you’d let em, they probably wouldda torn that little boy apart. Did he look freaked — he was holding onto his mum’s leg for all he was worth.

They did a slide show about the college in brizzy and life in queensland, australia etc — and I was reminded of how much this country is like hell in comparrison to Oz. He mentioned the summer and winter temperature ranges and I started to tear up.

I got to meet them, and for some reason – mostly the christian thing – I thought he was gonna be like the principal in that Roald Dahl book The Witches – which if I remember correctly, turned kids into mice and then ate them? I don’t know. But he was okay and it was nice to talk to some australian accents. 98% of the people I know in seoul are n.american. The kid was was sunk in his game boy advance, which I could understand — the overwhelm.

* * * * *

I never mentioned how I made my first voyages into wacky korean t-shirt purchasing a month or two back. A close runner up was this one that said, “I’ll use anything” and the pictures of keys and brill cream and typewriters and an ‘Extra!’ old style paperboy. Another, which I would’ve bought save them not having my size was a laundry detergent style typeface with ‘sunny days’ or some such on it – it looked way cool and I’d like to try and do the hompagey in that bold, brassy and upbeat style one day.

The one I got has


on it. It can be easily misconstrued toward the negative, but I try to take it in a zen – nothing way – even though buddhism is dead now.
The other night walking home I passed this mum+dad and their 10 y. o. girl in bright green pants, matching-coloured shirt and on it saying LOSER in red.