demographics notes – autumn

Eventhough I was out of town almost the whole mid-year break, as soon as I got back here (to work) I noticed a couple of things. 1. There is a pair of twins in level two (yr eight). These kinds of things can be easily missed across a group of 450 – I leave one classroom, head to another, look at someone and think didn’t I just teach you? I’d like to get a photo with them just for the symbolism value.

There’s also a couple of sisters one year in age apart. There’s probably plenty but for some reason, for five months, I completely missed the striking facial resemblance between these two. The one in yr 7 is rather tall – same height as me — and once waved her fist around threatening to clobber me if I didn’t remember her name. I still don’t know her name, I must have some kind of fear-induced mindblock. The elder is not abnormally tall, but most certainly has a shot-putter’s build. Nice pair of girls but I wouldn’t want to be around when the sibling feudin’ starts up.

It’s a gradual thing but when set against fixed time points, I can see metamorphosis. One level 2 class has started behaving like level 3 i.e. good and one level 1 class has is behaving like a level 2 i.e. bad.

* * * *

My close personal friends, TZU have just put out a new album called Smiling at strangers. Good for them. I smile at strangers all the time. I like it. But usually when a stranger smiles at me I assume they are mad.