public ‘oliday

Yesterday we went up and over to Incheon, where the airport is. There’s 2.5 mil people there but it sure didn’t look like it — maybe you can’t see that part from the trainline. Being near the sea, seafood is all the go and women stand out on the street and shill for their shops. One of them eventually won. My dad would’ve been impressed at all the disgusting-tasting crustaceans I wuz wolfing down.

ha ha ha! you funny crustacean
“happy with prawn”

There’s a ferry that heads to the island that’s got the airport on. We took it but to me it just looked like every other place really. Plus the weather was like the apocalypse was nigh.

Then today we went to the local pool/spa/sauna place and cor blimey bugger me if that wasn’t bulk fun too. Unfortunately no pix because the camera’s not waterproof. I don’t know what crack’s like but it probably feels a lot like this.