The news was that I got a new laptop – I’ll save saying anything about it til I’ve given it a good spin, save that a) having trouble getting the Linux to connect to the internet and b) I got a Sony specifically to subtly erk my co-workers who have patriotic delusions that if they buy a samsung or LG/IBM mixo, it benefits the nation. And therefore, buying a sony directly benefits the electronic ‘opposition’. They’re actually given laptops — most are LG but some of the newer are fujitsu, which doesn’t make sense because that japanese.

* * * * *

Corporal punishment is something that is still top of the pops here. There was a couple of situations that I saw happen earlier in the year that were so severe that it went into the too-hard basket. I didn’t want to write about it here because I couldn’t decide if it was my cultural supremacy kicking in and saying — I am better than them because I don’t think that’s right.
They turned out to be isolated incidents, and all other whacking or pinching I’ve seen since then has been of a much more compassionate variety.

In fact I’ve turned right around on it.
One of the women teachers, surnamed ‘Oh’, in the smaller staffroom here has something of a hankering for discipline. Most afternoons she pulls in two or three grade 3 girls, that is – year nines, that is 16y.o.s – that is 15y.o.s. She makes them face the wall — and hold on to it, then she whacks them on the bare shins or bum with a cane. They go, “Oh!” in slight pain – but mostly surprise.

My digikamera has a motion-pic function. There is places on the net that’d pay money for that kind of footage. I really should take the initiative a bit more.