Sep 7, 2005 8:35 PM
In transit

7:13 PM
Int’l shipment release

The inside of my head is excited and is making that Daffy Duck hoo-hoo-hoo! noise. Man it seems like every delay that could possibly come up between me and this thing that’s coming for me – has come up. But it looks like finally tomorrow I will be getting it.

I just got an email from my financial guru and spiritual advisor, Froggy. He says it’s the first email he’s ever writ. It’s in one monolith and has that Neal Cassidy screwed up spelling and stream of consciousness style.

I may have 900 students but I know them all and today I realised one of them was missing. The girl who could’ve gone to new yourk and played bass in a punk rock band because she had such understated-RAD hair and glasses frames, aka 2321. She moved to Incheon.

The other day two girls came up to me and started beat-boxing. Now when I get them up to read I get them to tack a bit of boom-shi-boom-boom-chi on the end.