If I was in Melbourne this Friday I’d probably be getting along to this.

I would hope that most folks reading would straight-out agree that moving to nuclear power in australia at this stage of the game is a really dumb idea.

Personally, when I visited the Nuc. power plants in Ulchin here in this country I was struck with how they sat right there on the coast and how it looked like it’d be easy for someone to fly a plane along the sea then blast away at those things.
They might have procedures for shutdown if things go a bit wrong, but that won’t work if half the place is turned to paste. There might be people watching for planes — but what if they say they’re filming a movie? What if Larry Ellison decides to go insane? He has a jet fighter.

A lot of people in this country really, really really take pride in their jobs. Like the welcoming guy at E-Mart, when he bows he looks like he’s really getting a kick out of it. For the people working in the power plants it’s doubled because of the hot compitition with Japan for Most Efficient Reactor of the Year Award.

Nuclear power combined with australian slackerism doesn’t particularly thrill me. If the world starts growing reactors again it’s just a matter of time before something nasty happens.