From the grubby windows along one side of a square-spiral staircase I can see there’s a big, sand-stone coloured dog on the second storey roof of the shop next door. In the heat and in that coat, the dog saunters around from the water dish to the corner with his tongue waggling dangling out one side of his mouth. To me it looks like he is smiling.
In the evening when it cools slightly he throws his front legs up over the 2 and a half foot ledge and looks down at the foootpath and the road below. Still smiling, buddha-like, at the workers spilling from the factory, the mums, the kids, a poodle and me.

dog on roof

It’s clear to me that I don’t like these kids much compared to the regular crews back at the regular job. The syllabus here is lame-o, and a new bunch of students shifts through each week so there’s no chance to see improvement.
They don’t particularly want to be there because it’s there holiday, would you? And generally there’ just less emphasis on learning our wacky language down in the south here.
They can be a pain in the arse to coerce into doing what’s required. Luckily for me, being part-time, nothing’s dead-set required.
So the sessions go from low-key chaos to silent, beautiful concentration — when I drop a photocopied find-a-word in front of them. I don’t get the time or free-ranging to do such a thing back in ee-tchon.
And it slightly saddens me that the find-a-word is for all intents and purposes, useless. Also that the work within it is being done twleve times over in the one sitting.

I want to harness their little eyes, their brains and the chemical electric energy flowing therein. Each by itself is only one kid, but by 12 by 6 for one day adds up. Like the organic equivalent of distributed computing.

What I need to do is find (and break into small parts) the great, the gnostic and esoteric find-a-words strewn through the world’s history. Those that hold the answers to questions that are rarely asked and verging on forgotten.

backup your files today!

the end of the world as we know it?

I was 20mins away from finishing the day yesterday and decided to weed out useless columns from the sunnybreaks database. This was a bad idea, very bad. I wasn’t concentrating and wiped the whole thing.
I emailed support and pleaded in as subtle a way possible (I don’t like to seem worried) if there was anyway I could undo this.

There was because they back up the servers each day — my arse was saved!
If there were any better way of shilling for Host Central and helping you to understand that you need to purchase services off them, any stronger way than a simple hyperlink, then I would gladly do it.
Mr.Hill at support is like HAL, except without going psycho and killing everyone. I get this impression because we’ve only ever comunicated thru email and he’s always there, knows everything and always replies in a calm and helpful way when I’m completely freaking out about something stupid I’ve done.

Anyway, I’m seriously considering only letting me type stuff here and getting someone else to change all the passwords so I can’t get into the workings and destroy.

tie foon

What did I say about port towns? Oh man, there’s two boxes of Hubba Bubba (grape n’ strawberry) down at the local Family Mart. I’m gonna go wholesale on their arse tonight.

fat dog

This is priceless — ah hahaha! blog depression, and in the wake of grudnuk kicking off too. Thanks Dab.

* * *

The other night I sat on the bed in my blank room watching hour after hour of nature documentary. Some was narrated in English, some not. Animals chasing other animals, catching other animals, attacking other animals, killing other animals and eating the flesh. I hadn’t seen that kind of thing in some time. I think maybe I’d forgotten that it happens.
A cheetah biting ino the neck of a gazelle. Wild prarie dogs bringing down an old wilderbeast.

Two words that I am out of sync with society on are ‘hate’ and ‘nightmares’. At normal work I went through scripts like, “I really hate shoelaces”, “‘what about cats?’ ‘Oh no, I really hate them’, and I’d think — hate is a bit strong of a word for that isn’t it? I mean, love – not hate, people.
And the other day I heard someone say that they were having nightmares every night. Ouch. Sometimes I have dreams that extend into the darker end of the surreal, but I don’t know that I’ve had a nightmare in a long time.
I was swatting large clusters of bees or flies with a jacket. But then the interesting bit – I woke up, sat up, and I swear I saw this mugwampy thing hopping softly across the floor away from me. It looked like a cross between a mouse and a hamster, but without fur and almost rubbery in appearance.
I was so certain I saw it that I used the flashlight on my phone to look for it.
I didn’t find it.