seeing red

It’s red pepper drying season, which means that approx. 82% of available floorspace in the entire country is covered in these little critters. The peppers, I mean.

My brother sent me this link, and eventhough I delished it, I’m putting it again, here, because frankly there’s something there for the whole family when it comes to wacky old North Korea. I like the propaganda art (don’t I always?) and the trainspotting.

“Have It Your Way!”
Our dear friends at CORE are re-inventing themselves, a new direction for a new era, and so if you do neat stuff on, with or near a computer, then go forth!

* * *

I don’t know, nothing doesn’t work for me.

“Ya not wrong, Narelle”,

I keep getting this really vicious hatemail from people who don’t understand my sense of humour.

I’ve recently developed a kimi raikonnen ‘pensive about superannuation’ facial expression, which, at the time of writing cannot be shaken.

A friend’s mum is dying of bowel cancer, thus reminding me of — — – death and I’m still a long way from any kind of eternal bliss.

I just found out that the Tibetan Buddhists are indeed involved in the screwing-over of other social groups. They were the last one I had any illusion in not being into that.

I bought a double CD of Pet Shop Boys singles only to discover that they really only had 5 or 6 singles worth speaking of. My brain was getting New Order and maybe some Depeche mode mixed up in there.

I have the Developers, developers, developers, developers! thing permanently lodged in my head because of its repetitivness and sheer rawness.