left to my own devices

This is from ‘camp’. I like this foto because it’s got this wartime quality to it, what with the bandaging, and also because it looks kinda gay.
If I emailed this to my mum and said, ‘hey mum, I’ve gone gay’, there would be not a moment of doubt in her mind about it, despite recent overt demonstrations that would prove otherwise. Mum’s been waiting and expecting me to go gay, or “gay-it-up”, if you will, since I was 12, y.o.

But anyway ‘Carl’ is actually the most acttractive westerner I’ve seen in this country — of either sex. Perhaps partly because his reason for being here isn’t work, but study. If there’s any common characteristic among westerners here doing this job, it’s that we are overwhelmingly average-looking. My theory is that all the beautiful people get snapped up and offered jobs back where they come from. Maybe they get invited to more parties, meet more people, have larger networks + grapevines, and as way of currying favour with these beautiful people, average people let them eat from their grapevines, so these people become employed straight out of education.
Sometimes I like to joke that when asked why did I come here? Because nowhere else would give me a job. Sometimes I’m not joking.
And y’know, like, sometimes ya better off dead, there’s a gun in yr hand, it’s pointing at yr head, ya think ya mad — too unstable, kicking in chairs and knocking down tables – at a restaurant… ah I don’t need to go on.

This webcam might prove interesting over the next 24hrs or so.