He’s not sleeping, he’s gone off his food, you try talking to him and you can get his attention for 8 or 10 seconds then he looks away and starts staring off into the distance.
He wanders around without really knowing where he’s going. He left his phone here – for as long as I’ve known him he’s never done that. His eyes seem kind of glazed or watery and if I wasn’t keeping a constant watch on him I’d swear he was on something. He’s become unfailingly passive; suggest anything and he’ll go along with it.

His coat’s lost its usual shine.

He’s coughing up furballs.

It’s the sitting doing nothing that’s most prevalent. Hours straight doing nothing but tugging at his eyebrows or occasionally rubbing his chin. I went over there and checked him just before and he was kind of shaking.

He says everything is okay.