This ecstasy doth unperplex

Well I must say it’s nice to be back in my concrete box.
After another $40,000 cab ride to ensure I got back in time I waddled off to woirk yesterday morn to find no one there – and that it doesn’t start til Friday. Bonus!

Overnight the humidity up and left and just like that and the outlines of things distant has sharpened. The sky’s gone deep blue and there’s nothin’ up there but the chinooks. Moreover, and more over, I’m not cracking a sweat just from doing some ironing.
My guess is this will last for two weeks and then it’ll be snowing and minus 40centigrade.

Sometimes I wonder about the sanity of conducting the intimate/intricate of conversations via SMS, but when that cuckoo sounds I know I’ll dive on it and reply as best as possible in 80 characters or less including spaces.

* * *

The blokes at Stodgey might like this, a rather inappropriate use of comic sans; reprinting a John Donne poem.