Once upon a time I had 12 children. Here are the names I gave them and why:

# Bettina. I just like the name.
# Janis. After the woman who taught me short story writing. She’s a inspiration in that she writes good, is still writing, but still on the fringe. Rock on Janis.
# & 4. Stacey and Ashleigh. Kim Gordon lists both these names in the Sonic Youth song ‘Swim suit issue’ (i think it’s that one). I would’ve made on Kim except that every 2nd person’s surname is that and it would spun ’em out too much.
5. Jean. After exg/f jean.
6. Karen. After Karen Carpenter.
7. Harvey. Hehe. I don’t know, I like the name Harvey.
8. Billy. Named after the voice in my head that refers to me as Billy.
9. Marvin. After Marvin Gaye.
10. Logan. Logan Rock Witch is an Aphex Twin song.
11. Richard. Richard D. James – one of this era’s best composers.
12. Waldo. “Where’s Waldo? Where’s Waldo?” I never got to say that because he was always there.

hubba bubba

Due to the Hubba Bubba glut down there I thought I should share the fun and try to get some converts. I told them where to buy it but I don’t think the went.