joanie loves chachi

With little to do waiting this month out, and with a TV for a while, I’ve been watching major league (yanky) baseball. The local league is pretty boring, they seem to play every night but no one ever goes. I won’t sugar-coat it honey, it’s a slow, slow game and without the din of a large crowd, one can wonder what one is doing watching.

There’s some impressive facial hair formations in MLB, as is the amount of gum chewing. Not just gum either but bubblegum. I seen em blow.
One shortcoming of the whole thing is that Korea only shows the games that have teams containing Koreans. They repeat those games over and over.

I’m in the process of picking a team to barrack for. Looking at the history of teams section in Wikipedia, it’s narrowed down to the Detroit Tigers or the San Diego Padres. Both have interesting histories.
Detroit also has going for it the fact that I AM a tiger. After the neutrality of international waters, then touching down in this country I automatically transferred from being Gemini to a Tiger.

The other night I dreamt I got a pet tiger. After getting it I realised it was a huge mistake. It already ate the chunk of meat that came with it, and the little Pakistani boy, that also came with it.
I think I was afraid of it eating me, or maybe it was gnawing slowly on my arm and it was really getting me down.

Detroit is also a motown, and my ancestral town is a mo too.

On the other hand, San Diego has a korean in it. And I like the cap typeface design. Let’s face it ladies, accesorisation is important. I still don’t know how Padres fits into it. I don’t think it’s in the wiki entry.

But then, I keep seeing really disturbing shit on TV, like the radiation sickness scenes from the Russian submarine movie, K19, and two modern-day, highly equipped rednecks with a pack of bloodhounds chase down and shoot a n.american mountain lion. Ug. If a TV is there, I’ll likely turn it on. If there’s not, like in my current abode, I’ll occasionally think ‘oh tv – I could’ve watched [some event] – hmm, I don’t have a tv’.

Thanks to TV there’s very little that I’m scared of these days. Aliens, sharks, ploterghoosts — what else is there? Dying from a nuclear bomb or fallout or reactor meltdown. I think it’s partly because there are small equivalents of everything else:
# biological weapons, killer flu = getting a cold, the sniffles.
# getting eaten by a shark = dog bite.
# burning to death = touching a hot bowl.
# alien abduction = aliens bringing your mail in when you’re on camp.
But I don’t know what it’s like to get a bit radiation-sick.