backup your files today!

the end of the world as we know it?

I was 20mins away from finishing the day yesterday and decided to weed out useless columns from the sunnybreaks database. This was a bad idea, very bad. I wasn’t concentrating and wiped the whole thing.
I emailed support and pleaded in as subtle a way possible (I don’t like to seem worried) if there was anyway I could undo this.

There was because they back up the servers each day — my arse was saved!
If there were any better way of shilling for Host Central and helping you to understand that you need to purchase services off them, any stronger way than a simple hyperlink, then I would gladly do it.
Mr.Hill at support is like HAL, except without going psycho and killing everyone. I get this impression because we’ve only ever comunicated thru email and he’s always there, knows everything and always replies in a calm and helpful way when I’m completely freaking out about something stupid I’ve done.

Anyway, I’m seriously considering only letting me type stuff here and getting someone else to change all the passwords so I can’t get into the workings and destroy.