disaster parquetry

I met morticia the architect again yesterday. I don’t know. Things didn’t really click this time. We did a bit of language exchangey but it didn’t seem very focussed. I loaned her my copy of Joe Campbell’s Myths to Live By so that we could discuss a chapter for her half of the exchangey. She seemed really eager to be lending it and, uh, receptive to recieving stuff. I offered her half a packet of asprins and she took it.
Also, in a one by one process, an unused australian stamp I found in my wallet, a lollypop, an aqua pen, some thumb tacks and a weary little gobstopper that’d been in the side pocket of the backpack since Geelong West. Unusual.
I think we’re gonna go ice skating.

I found a hairdresser that speaks the english. This time around it didn’t effectively help too much. They see evidence of the last short back n sides and can’t help but stick to it. Although I did get a little closer to one length all over. These things take time. Her name is Pam. Normally I don’t like the idea of locals taking up english names to make it easier for the whiteys. I sure as hell know that I would’ve never have a pretendy name just to suit another ethnic group in my own country. But I like the name Pam.

But the highlight of my day was finding out there’s another level of intricacy in the rotor things in my electric shaver. They were loaded with crud. This is why I couldn’t get a decent shave on in the morning. I was almost going to buy a new one. I thought maybe it was the humidity.
My cabinboy U-chin, that imbecile, would hop around saying, “oh si sinior!” over and over of a morning as I swore black and blue at the blasted infernal contraption; forever fronting up to the Officer’s mess with a still-prickly neck.
Saints be praised!

science one piece
Hey, nice science one-piece!

walking around with a loaded gun

Here’s what I’ve been listening to lately:

# Pink Floyd – Atom Heart Mother album. I was after whatever album had ‘careful with that axe, Eugene’. I guessed this one, and was wrong. That’s what happens when they don’t put track listings on the cover and I don’t check the net first.
I like the cow on the cover.
The first track, is passable in a floydish way, the middle ones are meh and the last is preposterous. I am a bottomfeeder when it comes to audio; I’ll listen to just about anything – but listening to some pom mumble to himself about breakfast, the sound of rice bubbles crackling then being eaten by said pom is fucking perverse. I have to turn it off. If this is a tripping album then I’m sure it’s turned plenty of trips bad.
One cement mixers out of five.

# Beastie Boys – To the Five Borroughs. I’ve liked different bits of stuff of their’s for donkeys but this is the first I’ve bought. I like it, I like it a lot. In that narrow band of the spectrum of political stuff that isn’t wanky/whiney. They take up regular issues like the state of democracy in the US as well as more eosoteric issues. There’s numerous star trek references and they seem to pick up on the topics explored in my book, ‘The Future is Klingon‘ because the Beasties mention Klingons in the second line of the first track.
Mix Master Mike as usual has some pretty catchy samples and I like the bit where some girl with a lisp says, “Oh my god it’s sasqwatch”. Also I like the song, Triple Trouble because it reminds me of Triple-Choc — those ice-creams were ace.
Three and a half cement mixers out of five.

# Angelo Badalementi’s soundtrack to the David Lynch movie, Mulholand Dve.
The orchestral pieces on this are better than the ones for Blue Velvet but maybe not quite as good as that from the Twin Peaks series. They draw a lot of their power from the vision that usually goes with them. And I haven’t seen the movie in ages so listening doesn’t quite get the ol hairs standing up on the back of my neck the way it used to. Plus I can’t hit the right physical situation – the walkman misses all the bottom end and the speakers here seem to blow it out too much.
Three cement mixers out of five.

Dick Laurent is dead!


I had to write this down before it blurs.
I’ve accepted that it’s a slog this time of year. Students don’t want be here. After exams and now more of the regular routine they get this attitude like they’ve been ridden too hard.

I say things and they repeat them back to me. They end of a script was something like, ‘I like trips. I went to jejudo last week’.
Then I asked them, ‘So, who here has been to jejudo?’ — and most of them automatically repeated this to me in a really slack half-hearted way.
Making a switchy gesture with a finger to the temple area, I said, ‘No. I’m asking you to switch on your brains!’ and I kid you not some of them actually said

I’d say the stress was finally getting to him, but what stress?

“A watermelon was once thrown at Roman Governor Demosthenes during a political debate. Placing the watermelon upon his head, he thanked the thrower for providing him with a helmet to wear as he fought Philip of Macedonia. ”

I mean, if they’d actually thought about it, they would’ve called the team the Doosan Heavies.

And I don’t think I even saw the addams family movie that came out in the nineties and had that angelica huston. I know she’s tall, but that’s not where the memory bug is orginating from.

It was because of Im. He had an argument with one of the women PE teachers. At first I thought Im was kind of funny because he is the very spitting K. image of dexter poindexter — a science teacher and short (but no glasses).
It was funny — that day at everland and there was group photos being taken by the high school photographer guy. And Im takes the opp. to get a photo of him and me. I expect that kind of thing from students since I’m a walking freak-show, but a man the same age as me…?
He has anger issues, so I am told. I have seen about two hand guns the whole time I’ve been here — on bank security guards. Not any on squirrels cops. But it’d be just my luck that Im would get one and spray the small staffroom because of some minor quarrel.


– I learned that the ‘d-bears’ and the league they’re in is korean. What confused me is that the had whiteys and soul-brothers on the team, but they must be hired from the n.american continent. D stands for Doosan, of the various Doosan branches, including Doosan Heavy, who make nuclear reactors and cement.
They were copping a beating from the LGs.

– My mind keeps returning to morticia and gomez addams. I don’t think Morticia was taller after all.

– Maybe I was over-reacting about the desk-move. There were nice people in the main room, but there were cretins too. And now I’m sitting between charles bronson with a toupee who talks into his shoe-locker, and shins, who I once accidentally walked in on when she was exctracting breast milk. I didn’t see anything. A Shame really because she kind of fits into that category of “Hot Moms!”. Hey what can I say? I didn’t know they were using my english laboratory for that kind of thing.

There’s a singing contest brewing so each class has brought some kind of keyboard to keep tune with. Some of them have those things that have a keyboard and a tube you blow into. Used in the Primal Scream song, Star from the Vanishing Point album.


I bought a whole one. I’ve been looking at them for months. I cut a piece out, et it and am spooning the rest out. When I am finished I want the hole to be so that I can fit my head in and wear it like a helmet.

If this happens I’ll post a pic.

In other boring news I had such a crap day at work that I am having to listen to ambient music so I don’t detonate. I’m trying to keep in mind the expression, ‘god doesn’t close a door without opening a window’ or some shit like that, but then all I can think is that I want to push someone out that window, or throw myself out it. Because it’s a fourth storey window. I got moved to the small staff room today because of some other people’s bullshit.
No one likes the principal and for a while I was exempt. They didn’t want to bug me but now I see I’m just another prole. I used to think I was like that dog that got made Vice-President of SNPP and wore the sash in the Frank Grimes episode.

my name is Hydro

There’s a pretty good spa centre in town.
I made my second trip to it today. Part of it is sex-seperated, and that’s fine if your into looking at bunch of old mens’ cocks, but to not put too fine a point on it, dealing with my own cock is plenty for me. There’s also a pool and mixed boys n girls (with bathers on) section. They even had the water slide open today. Titled the Tube Slider — coxic cruncher would be more appropriate because of the joinings on the tube sections ain’t great.
Also, anyone with a basic understanding of practical physics should know that more mass = faster downhill acceleration. The guy shouldn’t have waved me off so quickly because I caught up to the kid ahead about .75 of the way down yon tube slider. It was a bit of a mess at the bottom but I don’t think she got hurt…

Five hours of spas and saunas and that is great for thinking, but I can’t remember what I thought now.
Except, how about those japanese spa bath monkeys? Do they rule the universe or what?