more and less

Someone else here said it, but this whole thing is very groundhog day like. It’s come in do the same things in the same places with slight variations on with who, weekly. I think that maybe I’m not making the most out of being in a different town, but then maybe there’s just not that much to the town. Straight after work the other night I got straight up on it and bused into town — but found that town is quite big — a million big. There’s a million in Perth too, and that place probably can’t be worked out immediately.

I wandered around the great expanses of asphalt, traffic, (all Hs) fumes and humidity as dusk came on. I watched a department store close from the inside. They almost locked me in. I caught the bus back after having learned almost nothing of the geography.

* * *

There are some genuinely cool t-shirts here — that is by western standards. That is opposed to Korean-post-ironic t-shirts that make up the bulk of what I see in eeetchon and seoul. It must be because it’s a port town – things fall off the back of ships.
What I mean by the latter is things like people wearing t-shirts with things like IDIOT emblazonded across the fronts. I can’t remember the wording but I saw one the other day here that said something like ‘Another fuckin’ tshirt design’, left aligned, in helvetica.
Hey, if it’s in english it’s cool and who cares what it says.

I say post, because for a while, for a few months it’s really hilarious. You see one and think Oh nothing will top that. Then you subconsciously think, Okay that’s great I’ve had enough, let’s be normal. But they keep coming. Day after day walking down the street I see people wearing things that do my head in.
There’s actually a clothing label called Fatdog. It’s certainly something to see a slim young woman wearing a matching two-piece tracksuit with ‘F A T D O G’ in fabric, college letters semi-circled across the chest.

* * *

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