progress report

I am in Ulsan. It’s not as humid as inland and further up the peninsula which is a welcome change. Apparently there’s a lot of foriegners here, although I’ve not seen any, and so one doesn’t tend to get second looks.
The whole H. effect on the place is fairly sweeping. Everyone drives Hs, every second sign on the street is for something-H. The compound area where me n’ the other mercenaries are staying (the room are actually not bad) is full up with H employees. Guys wearing short-sleeved dust-coloured dust jackets.

Each morning we get shuttled across the length of the compound, past vast oceans of new, boring-looking cars. The factory tour proudly boasted that they churn out one every 12 seconds. The configuration of the ocean changes each day because they get driven onto ships.

On Monday I went for a walk down east past H. heavy industries, where they make ships. I had a o at just walking in there to go take a look but they wouldn’t let me.

I walked right around the perimeter and along the rocky coast, but it was fenced and they had a grey-uniformed guy in a small sentry box.