sunken galleons

The only good thing about that trip down there was having a squizz in the H. factory. Couldn’t take cameras in otherwise you could see a couple of naff warning/safety signs — one with the typical little kiddy-cartoon character of an employee with a red silhouette devil-like dude behind – I don’t know what it was about. The other was a ‘beware the robots’ type thing with a crazy lookin robot with crazy gritted teeth.
The robots were neat too — totally Kraftwerk. It’s a Kraftwerk kinda town, is Ulsan. Rows and rows along a process line of operating theatres, each with four monsterous safety-orange painted Doktorn. The midgetine patient, the shell of a door, is brought in on a belt and these one-armed beings swoop in, huddle and perform their incisions and penetrations. Sparks flew, weird melted metal smells abounded.

* * *

Okay so that last last one didn’t work out. I kind of knew it wouldn’t and don’t care either. I mean, saying you’re an architect in this country is kind of like fessing up to being a boilermaker in hell.
Lots of women are attractive here, but the workings of their heads is another matter. That first night I met up with her she didn’t want to eat anything because she was on a diet and wanted to lose 2kgs to fit into an old pair of pants. But man i looked and there was nowhere that 2kgs could come off her – she was already well-slim. Plus she originated from Daegu and everyone from there seems to have this idea that they’re fucking royalty.

What’s way more exciting is the other week I asked a woman out – just straight up – just like that. See, poor miss eee! (partly seen in the bottom pic. here) bingled her car bigtime in MONSOON! a couple of weeks back. It spun, bounced off the inner guard rail and across the lanes and flipped into a rice field.
Or something like that, I might be taking some liberties.
Anyhoo, she was in hospital and there was this relief teacher. Figuring that Relief is what I really need, a couple of days before the end of semester I got chatting to her. If it turned out disasterously, well she wouldn’t be back next sem.
But it went go0od, she’s really gorgeous – and while I say that all the time, this time I mean it.

I didn’t mention how i read this book of korean fairytales, fables, myths and such. Nothing terribly exciting – lots of BS patriarchial confucianism, crafty/lusty buddhist monks, fillial sons and daughters, yada yada yada. One continual character was the ‘beautiful young woman who was actually an old fox’ but disgusied and she’d beguile men and trap them into death or soul-imprisonment. Which suggests to me that even the native men didn’t know what to make of the beauty of women here and feared it. Anyway, the Jin is like that and I’m under the spell and that’s fine.
But that even doesn’t matter too much — it was just good not to hear about any crazy dieting regime, or see excessive preening, or not deal with some unstoppable ambition to not be where she was right then. Didn’t even ask me if I was christian, eventhough I know she’s catholic — but actually I don’t mind that — because better the devil you know, right? Most folks here are presbyterians – i don’t know what’s going on with that at all. What the heck *is* presbyterianism? Isn’t the presbitary a small room usually located in a church?
Yeah sure, okay — well, I’m a laundrytarian from now on.
We had dinner and saw that movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith which is a really dumb movie. Brad Pitt could be an architect here no probs.