on altruism

I never mentioned this altruistic thing I did a couple of months back. I’d been debating with myself whether it is not better to let others know of one’s deeds in the hope that they may be inspired by one’s example, or to humbly keep them to one’s self.
Well I did the latter, and I’ve been getting nothing for it. Nothing. For a while after I got here I was looking for ways to balance out the universe (because people had done lots of nice things for me) and do something nice for someone in a situation where I had no motive to do so.

I did, and for a while after it seemed like the whole thing was backfiring on me and I was taking it as a lesson that altruism sucks and it throws out the evolutionary process of favour-doing.

But it worked out okay. It just took a while to unravel. One of the teachers, Bangs, a rather strange yet wholly unintriguing woman asked me to take a look at an application she had written (in english). I said sure whatever. It was for a sciencey spacey thing care of nasa. They had places for a few people from other counties including five from here.
Bangs speaks fairly okay, but the application was shocken. In some ways written and spoken english are entirely seperate monsters. The ears can become rough n’ ready for bad grammar but the eyes seeing it freak. It was like, “hello Mr.kurns. Me want money bad.” Okay well maybe not that bad but anyway it had to be rewritten completely.

Bangs is kind of pushy and it took some time. I left some parts as is and tried to keep the wacky proscriptive flavour to the question ‘why don’t kids want to do science no more?’

It got sent off and that was that. Or would’ve been except bangs wanted help with her english homework. I said you got to be kidding.

Sometime later I find out that she got accepted to the space camp. I was happy. She went, came back and that’s that.
They learned how to make rockets.