walking around with a loaded gun

Here’s what I’ve been listening to lately:

# Pink Floyd – Atom Heart Mother album. I was after whatever album had ‘careful with that axe, Eugene’. I guessed this one, and was wrong. That’s what happens when they don’t put track listings on the cover and I don’t check the net first.
I like the cow on the cover.
The first track, is passable in a floydish way, the middle ones are meh and the last is preposterous. I am a bottomfeeder when it comes to audio; I’ll listen to just about anything – but listening to some pom mumble to himself about breakfast, the sound of rice bubbles crackling then being eaten by said pom is fucking perverse. I have to turn it off. If this is a tripping album then I’m sure it’s turned plenty of trips bad.
One cement mixers out of five.

# Beastie Boys – To the Five Borroughs. I’ve liked different bits of stuff of their’s for donkeys but this is the first I’ve bought. I like it, I like it a lot. In that narrow band of the spectrum of political stuff that isn’t wanky/whiney. They take up regular issues like the state of democracy in the US as well as more eosoteric issues. There’s numerous star trek references and they seem to pick up on the topics explored in my book, ‘The Future is Klingon‘ because the Beasties mention Klingons in the second line of the first track.
Mix Master Mike as usual has some pretty catchy samples and I like the bit where some girl with a lisp says, “Oh my god it’s sasqwatch”. Also I like the song, Triple Trouble because it reminds me of Triple-Choc — those ice-creams were ace.
Three and a half cement mixers out of five.

# Angelo Badalementi’s soundtrack to the David Lynch movie, Mulholand Dve.
The orchestral pieces on this are better than the ones for Blue Velvet but maybe not quite as good as that from the Twin Peaks series. They draw a lot of their power from the vision that usually goes with them. And I haven’t seen the movie in ages so listening doesn’t quite get the ol hairs standing up on the back of my neck the way it used to. Plus I can’t hit the right physical situation – the walkman misses all the bottom end and the speakers here seem to blow it out too much.
Three cement mixers out of five.

Dick Laurent is dead!