– I learned that the ‘d-bears’ and the league they’re in is korean. What confused me is that the had whiteys and soul-brothers on the team, but they must be hired from the n.american continent. D stands for Doosan, of the various Doosan branches, including Doosan Heavy, who make nuclear reactors and cement.
They were copping a beating from the LGs.

– My mind keeps returning to morticia and gomez addams. I don’t think Morticia was taller after all.

– Maybe I was over-reacting about the desk-move. There were nice people in the main room, but there were cretins too. And now I’m sitting between charles bronson with a toupee who talks into his shoe-locker, and shins, who I once accidentally walked in on when she was exctracting breast milk. I didn’t see anything. A Shame really because she kind of fits into that category of “Hot Moms!”. Hey what can I say? I didn’t know they were using my english laboratory for that kind of thing.

There’s a singing contest brewing so each class has brought some kind of keyboard to keep tune with. Some of them have those things that have a keyboard and a tube you blow into. Used in the Primal Scream song, Star from the Vanishing Point album.