I’d say the stress was finally getting to him, but what stress?

“A watermelon was once thrown at Roman Governor Demosthenes during a political debate. Placing the watermelon upon his head, he thanked the thrower for providing him with a helmet to wear as he fought Philip of Macedonia. ”

I mean, if they’d actually thought about it, they would’ve called the team the Doosan Heavies.

And I don’t think I even saw the addams family movie that came out in the nineties and had that angelica huston. I know she’s tall, but that’s not where the memory bug is orginating from.

It was because of Im. He had an argument with one of the women PE teachers. At first I thought Im was kind of funny because he is the very spitting K. image of dexter poindexter — a science teacher and short (but no glasses).
It was funny — that day at everland and there was group photos being taken by the high school photographer guy. And Im takes the opp. to get a photo of him and me. I expect that kind of thing from students since I’m a walking freak-show, but a man the same age as me…?
He has anger issues, so I am told. I have seen about two hand guns the whole time I’ve been here — on bank security guards. Not any on squirrels cops. But it’d be just my luck that Im would get one and spray the small staffroom because of some minor quarrel.