I bought a whole one. I’ve been looking at them for months. I cut a piece out, et it and am spooning the rest out. When I am finished I want the hole to be so that I can fit my head in and wear it like a helmet.

If this happens I’ll post a pic.

In other boring news I had such a crap day at work that I am having to listen to ambient music so I don’t detonate. I’m trying to keep in mind the expression, ‘god doesn’t close a door without opening a window’ or some shit like that, but then all I can think is that I want to push someone out that window, or throw myself out it. Because it’s a fourth storey window. I got moved to the small staff room today because of some other people’s bullshit.
No one likes the principal and for a while I was exempt. They didn’t want to bug me but now I see I’m just another prole. I used to think I was like that dog that got made Vice-President of SNPP and wore the sash in the Frank Grimes episode.