my name is Hydro

There’s a pretty good spa centre in town.
I made my second trip to it today. Part of it is sex-seperated, and that’s fine if your into looking at bunch of old mens’ cocks, but to not put too fine a point on it, dealing with my own cock is plenty for me. There’s also a pool and mixed boys n girls (with bathers on) section. They even had the water slide open today. Titled the Tube Slider — coxic cruncher would be more appropriate because of the joinings on the tube sections ain’t great.
Also, anyone with a basic understanding of practical physics should know that more mass = faster downhill acceleration. The guy shouldn’t have waved me off so quickly because I caught up to the kid ahead about .75 of the way down yon tube slider. It was a bit of a mess at the bottom but I don’t think she got hurt…

Five hours of spas and saunas and that is great for thinking, but I can’t remember what I thought now.
Except, how about those japanese spa bath monkeys? Do they rule the universe or what?

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