I went down the east coast to a little town called Ulchin. In size and removedness it is to eeetchon as eeetchon is to seoul. They eat anything and everything that comes out of the sea. Little kids were yelling and waving at me continually. I wonder if there’s any furriners teaching there. People were generally nice, the local bus drivers in particular were above average. A lot of times I ended up just leaving the money on the counter of places and leaving because no one was around.
I was looking for this motel that’s in the LP guide. I went in to a bookshop and showed the woman the name of the joint. She then started talking at length to her kid and then motions for me to follow the kid. It’s pretty amazing the level of trust in strangers – sending your six y.o off like that. It was a few blocks, I walked behind and when she got to certain places that, I guess, she knew she’d start swing her arms like marching.


I ended up having to ask some high school kids because we got lost.

Of course, the thing Ulchin is known for is da nukes. So I went and check their shit out this morning. A good rule of thumb is: the more money spent on PR the darker the activities the company is engaged in. The information centre at KHNP (korea hydro n’ nuclear power co.) was fantabulous!
I was able to tag onto the back of a tour group consisting of folks from ‘headquarters’ who were reconoitering for a new propaganda website they was gonna make. I couldn’t unnerstand the tour guide, but they gave me some nice brochures.

Indeed, why do is they?

There was all kinds of animated displays and flashing lights and whizz-bangedry. One of the guys in the group spoke a little english, we chatted a little and he asks if I want to go into the power plant with them.
I’m not one of these people whose ‘jaw drops open’ or to the floor. I don’t even like using the expression. But ususally when someone offers me something nice, I smile. I couldn’t smile at this guy because my jaw was doing shit. I couldn’t believe they were just going to let me walk in there.
And as it turned out, they didn’t. Some other tour guide later, says I needed to have advance-registered. Fair enough really because I could’ve been anybody, especially without having shaven in a couple of days. I was kind of surprised I was allowed to leave my very full looking backpack unattended by the reception desk.

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