black shoes at the bottom of a red curtain

The other week I went and saw the star wars film again just in case I was wrong. I was not. I was intending to go long about why, mainly for my own benefit because it’s hard to accept how someone could make such a series of mistakes. But ultimately I can’t deny that people do indeed make mistakes.

I was the only one in the cinema.

This created the dilemma of where do I sit? I felt obliged to sit right up the front, but it terned out to be too close. I felt obliged to sit in all the seats. I had an important conversation to finish so I talked loudly through the opening sequence then stood up stiffly, turned around and told myself to shoosh the eff up.

* * *

But better was seeing Batman Begins tonight. It was neato! There wasn’t any product placement, all of the characters were flesh n blood humans and the batmobile was really cool. One of the baddies, dr.Crane – a psch doc. – had a really evil look and I haven’t seen him before in anything.

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