big stone head

Some time ago, maybe a year and a half I was on a bit of a jag of building this site into a full blown aggrandisation of the self, the self being my self. It was fun for a while but then I must’ve forgot because I only just remembered it again today.

Kind of touching but also way strange was this situation this morning where this student came up and gave me this little head — my head. It’s fantastic. It reminds me of how bald I am. As with similar things before, I can’t even remember talking to this girl. It’s always the quiet ones that come up with the surprises. They’re all completely transfixed with blue eyes. Big noses too. I’m often told I have a big nose, but without any negative slant to it.

I was talking to a friend, a canadian woman, candles about the issue of obsession with outward appearance here. There’s mirrors everywhere, (like even up the hill at the mineral spring there’s a mirror hanging on a nail) and people are always checking themselves in them. So I sez to Candles, I sez, but don’t you think that it’s just that folks are more up front about it here, and that we tend to hide it, do it in private, in the west? But she says no, and I suppose I’m starting to agree – it is worse here, and I’m sure more so from the women’s position.

I’m off to find a small baby grand piano to put my shrunken head on.

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