daz tekka!

I discovered there’s 10 or 12 music video clips on my phone. Most of them are horrendous. I kept one because it was shot in Melbourne/victoria. Featuring typical everyday occurences souches:

driving around albert park lake in an old Ford

Korean music videos are by and large, ballads and feature 1 effeminate guy, 1 even more effeminate girl, guns and shooting, being chased by gangstas, bad suits, people (the guy) getting killed, a complete halt to the music with grief-stricken squeal by girl to emphasise dramatic shooting dead bit, and lastly – everyone alive again at the end.

hanging out the door of a W-class tram while havin’ a pash

Two things I wish were in the phone are a stop watch and some thing so I could make up tacky synthesizer tunes on the keypad.

pulling a t-stop skid on the Great Ocean Road

Phone batteries last a lot longer here than in aust. and the value in dollars per minutes for a prepaid is much better, adding more voice to the theory that telstra are pirates.

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